10,000 people is enough for me.


A wise woman once said...

"Sam, we've been married for two years and we've moved 16 times. Now I'll go with you any place you want so long as you don't ask me to live in a big city. 10,000 people is enough for me."

That woman was Helen Walton. And I'm pretty sure you know who her husband was. 


I just started listening to "Made In America" and that little tidbit fascinated me. Sam would've built the first Walmart in St. Louis had it not been for his wife. But because she put her foot down, he built it in Rogers, Arkansas. A city with no more than 7,000 people living there at the time.

This gave Walmart the chance to start as a little fish in a little pond. It didn't go head to head with the Sears and JCPennys of the world because Sam's wife dictated where they would live which gave him the ability to fly completely under the radar. And by the time they knew the Walmart name, it was too late. 

That is so f**king awesome.